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POP® VGrip™: Versatile and customizable blind rivets

Whether it is about joining sheet metal with sheet metal, sheet metal with plastic, or sheet metal with fiberglass, POP® VGrip™ blind rivet is the ideal solution when it comes to fastening with only one-side access, and is widely applied in the automotive sector, different machine applications, electric vehicles, cooling shelf displays, and many other applications. 

What makes POP® VGrip™ different from the standard multi-grip rivet is the big closing head which forms in high consistency, fits well for large hole tolerance, provides high security against pull through, and reduces surface pressure.

Consistent closing head

An important feature of the VGrip™ blind rivet is the closing head design. During the setting process, the sleeve material is moved radially outwards, resulting in a disc-shaped closing head. In addition, the mandrel head does not dip into the rivet sleeve, which is the case with conventional multi-range blind rivets.

POP® VGrip™ Closing head design in comparison to conventional multi-range blind rivets
This special feature enables the POP® VGrip™ to distribute tensile forces over a considerably larger area on the side of the closing head. As a result, the VGrip™ can absorb higher tensile forces than a conventional multi-grip rivet. In addition, due to the greater load distribution, thinner or fragile sheets can be fastened to the closing head side/blindside without damaging or deforming them.

High grip range and reduced SKU for stock management

Conventional blind rivets are designed to cover a small specific grip range (application thickness) of components to be joined. For example, four different blind rivets with different grip ranges must be used for different application thicknesses from 1.5 to 6.0 mm. In order to reduce this complexity, the POP® VGrip™ allows a grip range from 1.5 to 6.0 mm to be processed with only one rivet (see diagram below). Thus, four different rivet types are replaced by only one type of rivet and the SKU in stock management can be greatly reduced. 

POP® VGrip™ Grip range
Locked remaining mandrel prevents rattling and damage

The loose remaining mandrel in the product not only reduces the product value due to the rattling but also creates a potential safety issue when it falls within the application. With the special mandrel geometry of POP® VGrip™, the mandrel can be locked and prevented from rattling within the application or falling out.


Versatile and customizable for different applications

Apart from the standard type of the multi-grip blind rivet, POP® VGrip™ offers flexibility for customization. For one, it can be customized for plastic and composites. Compared to the conventional blind rivet, the expansion control of POP® VGrip™ is achieved by crimping the rivet body at a specifically defined area and thus reducing the radial load on the borehole. This is perfect for plastic and composites material. Secondly, POP® VGrip™ offers a high-strength structural blind rivet solution. This variant results in a significant increase in tensile and shear forces. The remaining mandrel is in the shear zone and is bearing the load.

KVT-Fastening has extensive expertise in POP® VGrip™ blind rivet and had advised it for numerous applications since the 1960s. 

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